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I have tried to save some general questions & some insight we can share to help you in your horse program...all of th following are inserts from email questions & how we answered these folks....

Q: How do you train horses? All I want to know is some tips on keeping my horse tuned up. If you could kindly tell me some tips I would be very happy!

A: Where do you live? You will learn that riding horses is training for a life time deal. Just keep riding and paying close attention to tough areas, then try to find out how to improve them. I could never explain how I train horses in a letter, check out some good training films etc. No easy solution here, just invest the time into homework and study from others who are successful. Not just anyone, check out folks who have a really good reputation. Study training films, come visit us, if you can etc.

Q: I have a youngster that is almost 21 months old. She is 1/2 Tennessee Walker and 1/2 QH. She is not gaited. At what age will you start a young mare? Does she need to be two (a magic age?) or do I just need to have her legs checked to see if they are ready? She will be two in October. By the way, where is Congress? I live in Dewey (south of Prescott). She is not been in a trailer yet, but we just bought one and I can start working on that now. We have sat on her, and she has had a saddle on.

A: There are several other considerations re: your baby. Does she have a decent amount of bone and , not spindly legs like some Arabs etc. She needs strong bones and good substance in her muscle confirmation, not frail looking. Is she is maturing at a good pace physically, then it doesn't hurt to start her on short lessons etc. Keep them short and sweet, just simple lessons (like leading w/halter) and put her up on a good note. We are located at the bottom of the Yarnell Hill, 25 miles north of Wickenburg on County Rt. 62, Hillside Rd. Let us know if we can be of service to you for your baby and her future training etc.

Q: I have just purchased an 11 year old geldings that was supposed to be broke, and able to be ridden by anyone. This horse turns it's back when anyone enter pen, and has kicked two people. The stables that I am boarding him at tell me that I need to beat him in order to break him of this habit. This is my first horse and I am not comfortable with such a violent method. Is this truly the best way, or is there another option? I would appreciate any input you may have.

A: Older horse w/disrespectful habits! Tough call here! You are new to horses, from your letter? Where are you living? This calls for professional help, not back yard stuff - safety for you and your horse. Disrespect in this manner demands swift correction, ability to read your horse and understanding how to get results. Otherwise confusion will only get worse and it will get dangerous. Get a reputable trainer, you can't "love your horse into respect", this is an attitude problem. I have enclosed a previous letter we have answered that may help you come to decision.

Q: I have a new 22 month old foundation Quarter horse I bought for breeding. MY problem is he tries to bite. Also when feeding he will try to kick and he will charge you if you get to close to him when he is eating or when you go into the corral with him to give him his feed. please give me some incite of how to handle these problems. I don't want to have him gelded, but I have got to be able to handle him also he will be used for riding. So for I have not backed down from him and have refrained from using any pain or harmful ways of stopping him.but his actions can not continue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A: This baby can be described in one word "bad attitude". Attitudes have to be changed early in a youngsters life. I would guess in good intentions you have over-killed him w/love and attention. No boundaries have been set as acceptable behavior and respect. This will definitely grow into a really dangerous situation, if continued and will require professional help to change his mind. He is displaying control and power over his environment, is irritated easily and not submitted to man. Can you get a halter on this baby? From you e-mail address I see maybe this is a mustang horse? We must get you in the dominate position and him in the submissive role. Do you have a round pen to start teaching him to lounge and get him some exercise? He needs to experience consequences for his "bad" behavior. Every action in life demands a response. This type of horse definitely needs a professional experienced in handling problem horses with attitudes in a practical approach with knowledge how to safely administer the "correction and reward" as needed to get good results. We need a common sense approach here. You live a long ways from us. Our first response would be bring him here, but that is probably out of the question, or consider taking our apprenticeship course w/your horse as the project. The only other thing we can say is check out the trainers sites in your part of the country. AQHA has a database w/referrals for horsemen's needs. There is a professional horsemen's assoc. in AQHA that would give you mountains of information. Start getting referrals. Not a back yard week-end pleasure type horse person. You need advanced help here. Hope we have given you information to chew on for awhile and try to make a plan for your horse.


Updated 9/04/2017

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