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Working Ranch Magazine November 2007

By Tim O'Byrne

Working Ranch Magazine


Hobbles: the bum rap

Hobble used correctly

understand how to be safe with hobbles


Paint Horse Journal

Off-Road Riding
Learn how trail riding in the great wide open can help develop your horse’s confidence, balance, handling and more.
By Twister Heller with Charlene Strickland

Aug 1978
Pg. 38
Bill Owen, Twister Heller and the ORO Horses (part I)
by Chuck King
Sept 1978
Pg. 54
Bill Owen, Twister Heller and the ORO Horses (part II)
by Chuck King
June 1981
Pg. 40
Uses of the McCarty
by Chuck King
Nov 1989
Pg 1
Arizona Cattlelog Part 1
by Kathy McCraine
Nov 1989
Pg 10
Arizona Cattlelog Part 2
by Kathy McCraine
May 1990
Pg 12
Arizona Quarter Horse
by Kathy McCraine
Nov 1997
Pg. 104
An Old Hand Starts a New Colt
by Mike Laughlin
Aug 1998
Pg. 58
Uses of the McCarty
by Mike Laughlin
Aug 1998
Pg. 156
Cowboy Martingale, Trainers Notebook
by Mike Laughlin
June 1999
Pg. 195
Ride First, Train Later
by Gary Vorhes
Aug 1999
Pg. 152
Standing Still for Mounting Training Notebook
by Twister with Lee Raine
Nov 1999
Pg. 234
Pressure,Ribs, and Spur
by Twister Heller w/Lee Raine

Disclaimer For Student & Trainers: Equine training can be a hazardous activity which may subject the participants to possible serious injury. Twister Heller, Sandy Heller and their associates will not assume any liability for your activities. Our schooling provides you with a supervised, professional approach ranging from general information to advanced information, instruction and techniques that may not be suitable for everyone. No warranty is given regarding the suitability of this information, the instructions, and techniques to you or other individuals acting on their own behalf.

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