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Are you struggling with your he ill mannered, unwilling, confused or scared??? Even worse, is he dangerous??? Are you ill mannered, stressed & confused??? Let us help you work thru these horse issues. We are strong on manners, safety & well trained horses. Let us help you: From starting colts to advanced horsemanship. Watch our training preview videos.

HORSE TRAINING: Terms and fees as follows: all customers are requested to pay upfront monthly or semi-monthly: Cash, cashiers check or money order.We do accept personal checks from established clients. Thank You


09/2013... Hello from the Flying UW!!
Hello Sandy, Twister  & Jud!!
I know this may come out as a very odd email but.... I would like to thank all three of you again for the time & personal judgement you have put into our colts! I cannot tell you enough that we are so very appreciative of the program you all implement in training them, and the piece of mind it has brought both myself & my parents knowing that I'm not going to be a gully plug somewhere out on the ranch that they are going to have to hunt up.  Your honesty & respect above all has been most appreciated.  I am forever grateful since these qualities are so rare now a days.  Please tell Jud & Twister & especially yourself thank you for being who and what you are.
Hope you all are doing well and are happy.

Katie Cline


10/2013....Bitsy wrote: "I've rode horses all my life. Most of which nobody else wanted to ride. Broke a few and been broke too. But I gotta say, the $$ spent sending Leppê to Twister Heller was money well spent! #bombproof #goodpony #surefooted #truegrit"

Hi Twister: My husband and I can't thank you enough for the work that you did with our horses.  Lacey, as you know, is a young horse and during our busy season, she needed the time and attention that you were able to spend with her.  We had recently purchased Shala, an older horse who was difficult for us to handle, not to mention overweight.  She was aggressive and despondent in turns and we had not been able to ride her, although she was generally easy to care for and worked OK with ground training.  After we had sent her to you, I then found out that her original owner had put Shala through some hard halter training, and after she had been sold to the owner I bought her from, she was in a stall for over a year without any exercise.  

But after 2 months under your care, Shala came home an entirely different horse.  She looked fantastic - in perfect health and no longer overweight.  She is easy to ride even for a beginner like me.  She gets along much better with Lacey.  And as you explained to me that Shala is a little ADHD, and needs to be gently reminded of her course, it's easier for me to understand and care for her.  

Lacey is growing up nicely and is becoming a great family horse.  My daughter rides her and the cowboys from the cutting arena across the way are all interested in taking her out - she has some great moves! We are talking about the horse here!!!! Not my daughter!!!  

Again, we can't thank you enough!
Danny & Melissa Meyer, Az

Love the training videos... if this doesn't show that you put the best foundation on all your prospects then people MUST be blind. My nine year old and my six year old that you broke can be used for anything and are used for everything. roping and working all ends of the cattle ranch, I compete in barrel racing and always bring home a check and a quiet and sound horse. these horses you have trained are using  their heads to think and ENJOY everything I do with them. I send everybody I meet that is in need of a trainer to you Twister, you ARE the best. Always Jeanne Keitz, Az.

HORSE TRAINING FEES: We accept cash pay/cashiers check or money orders. For Creit cars use, PayPal: Set up your Free PayPal account (very secure option for credit card)...Click on SEND option in top menu. Use our email address. to fill in information online. Follow instructions. At that point we will be notified via email that you have made a payment.

• Less than 3.5 years old: $700.00 per month (all training includes Hay)....
• 3.5 yrs old and older: $750 per month
• Mules & Stallions: $800 per month
• Horses on Cattle: Cattle fee: $150 extra
• Shoeing:$85

We reserve the right to add a $75-$100 problem fee, if, in Twister's opinion is warranted.

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Attention: Credit Card Options....We use PayPal for our transactions

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What do I get in a month's training?

• TRAINING: 25-27 rides per month.....preview our training videos.
• All the hay the horse can eat
• We will build a young horse's foundation or improve an older horse's foundation
• Exercises: Circles, Flexes and Counter Flexes, side passes, lead changes to advanced: Slide, stop and turn arounds: Travel on a light rein,soft in the face, responsive, flexible and broke at the poll
•Some arena work: Plenty of outside riding, some rough terrain
• Cows, if requested
• Shoeing training - will be able to pick up their feet
• In the event a horse may be mean about picking up his feet, we may take longer on this issue
Trailer - Normally, a Horse will load....horses are individuals....some may take longer
• Rider will be able to longe his horse on the end of the bridle reins.
• Horse will learn to stand quietly - for rider to mount and dismount

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Preview our Training Videos

Horse will experience rough terrain - will help him become handy and calm, through rocks, boulders, cactus etc. Horse will travel relaxed - he will get miles, experience, exposure to livestock,traveling through the brush, dogs and critters and ditches. He will be exposed to swinging a rope. We really want to know from the customer what he or she wants and will individually customize the training. For instance, if a customer wants a rope horse, we will accentuate swinging ropes and exposure to cattle.

( Twister is the trainer and the sequence of training events in each horse will be determined from his experience and what is best for the is his judgment call on such issues. This is what you pay us for....experience and making sound judgements regarding your individual horses needs. We welcome customer participation in outlining a suitable program for your horse....we want you to understand your horse's individual needs. Thank you..... )

Horse Training 101 is: If you aren't raised on horses do yourself a favor & learn from others, get a coach.
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We will accept a horse for a 30 day training period, but 90 days are usually best to build a firm foundation.

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Updated 07/20/2017

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Disclaimer For Student & Trainers: Equine training can be a hazardous activity which may subject the participants to possible serious injury. Twister Heller, Sandy Heller and their associates will not assume any liability for your activities. Our schooling provides you with a supervised, professional approach ranging from general information to advanced information, instruction and techniques that may not be suitable for everyone. No warranty is given regarding the suitability of this information, the instructions, and techniques to you or other individuals acting on their own behalf.

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